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How To Make WordPress Run Faster

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WordPress is the greatest website engine existing today with over 30,000 free plugins available.  There’s nothing more important than your site’s SPEED!  Research shows that four out of five online users will click away if your page doesn’t fully load within 5 seconds.  It’s an impatient world we live in and we must meet their needs like it or not.  Below are a few tips on how to increase your WordPress site:

Minimize Plugins

Try to keep under 12 plugins if all possible.  The more you have installed, the longer your site will take to load up.  Remove all unnecessary plugins and keep only the ones your absolutely need.  If you have deactivated plugins still showing on your installed list, completely remove them by clicking the delete button.


Large Image Sizes

One of the biggest causes of slow load times are large images on your post and pages.  When all possible, use .jpg compression not exceeding over 250kb per image, but ideally under 100kb. A nice little plugin called WP Smush.it  will automatically reduce image file sizes and improve performance by compressing the files.


Install A Cache Plugin

Cache plugins Improve site performance and user experience by caching browser, page, objects, database, and more. There are several free plugins available that would do the trick:  W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache and Quick Cache (Speed Without compromise).  I personally use Quick Cache as it has granted best results.Faster Hosting ServiceI’ve used quite a few hosting companies over the years (GoDaddy, DreamHost, BlueHost, HostMonster, etc.).  Cyberhawk Designs was on BlueHost for many years and although it was fast, I wanted more.  I did a little research (Google) and found that A2 Hosting was ranked #1 on sheer speed across the board so I thought I’d check them out.  A2 has a “WordPress” specific plan that claims to run your site 300% faster by using SSD (Solid State Drive) technology to store all your website’s content.  In simple terms, they use super fast hard drives on their servers.  I pay $13.99 on a month to month plan which is a bit more than some plans, but the results cannot be denied as it is much faster than the rest I’ve tried.  If you want more information on A2 Hosting, click on the banner below:

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